What You Should Have In Mind When Renting A House

It is necessary to check the lease value, property infrastructure, and location, among many other items. With that in mind, quadwalls have made this content to help those who want to optimize the leasing process, presenting the points you should pay attention to rent a property safely. Come on?

  1. Contract

The lease agreement is significant to ensure the legality and security of the agreement. For this, it is essential that it be written correctly and duly signed and read carefully by the parties involved. All its clauses must respect the rules determined by the Tenancy Act. See some of the main aspects that should be addressed and checked in the document.

Personal and property data

The lease agreement must describe the owner and tenant’s personal information—address, full name, document numbers, etc. The details of the property such as Indiana Condominiums for sale for example to be rented must also be detailed.

Rent Amount

The rent amount and the due date are other items that make up the lease agreement, as well as the type of adjustment used. The document also needs to present the consequences if the payment is not made within the agreed period. Finally, the fines and interest charged if the tenant does not comply with the duty to pay the rent on time must be clearly and objectively defined.

Description Of Expenses

In addition to the lease amount, all expenses to be paid by the tenant must be well-detailed, such as condominium, water, electricity, IPTU, and insurance, among other financial obligations. When reading the contract, you must verify that the total value of living in that location will not compromise your budget.

  1. Documentation

Like any other real estate transaction, renting property requires the presentation of a series of documents. The list may vary slightly depending on the realtor. Remember that the tenant’s profile and the lease guarantee — making the lease with a guarantor, for example — demand the delivery of documentation for both.

The documents are essential to prove the veracity of the information provided in the contract and for the credit analysis of those who intend to rent the property. It is worth remembering that the documentation of the property also needs to be examined.

  1. Inspection

As already mentioned, the Tenancy Law is evident when it determines that the property must be delivered in proper housing conditions and that the tenant must return the property in the same form as received. These rules can only be respected and, if applicable, questioned in court due to the inspection. Therefore, before signing the contract, it is essential to carry out a detailed inspection of the house or apartment. Likewise, a new check will be carried out when handing over the keys to see if the agreements are respected. This prevents you from being charged for problems the property already had, for example.