What evidence should I record after the truck accident in Covington?

Truck accidents are among the most dangerous kinds of accidents a person may have faced. They have the highest rate of fatalities and property damage of any other type of car accident. Fortunately, suppose the truck business is to blame. In that case, a personal injury claim may result in a massive payment, which you as a victim can acquire with the aid of the Covington accident attorneys.


High-powered defense attorneys and big insurance firms shield most trucking corporations from any potential penalties for their conduct. With the appropriate legal counsel on your side, you can acquire all of the information you need to build a robust case for compensation.

Following a truck accident, your attorney should acquire the following evidence:

Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) 

Electronic Control Modules (ECMs) are now standard on many trucks, and they capture data about the truck’s journey in the same way as a Flight Data Recorder records data about an airplane’s flight. The ECM is crucial for proving if the trucker was driving too fast for the conditions at the collision.

Electronic logbooks

In addition to ECMs, many trucks now include electronic logbooks, replacing paper logbooks. These computerized log books keep note of when a trucker travels and when they rest. If a trucker’s electronic diaries can demonstrate that they did not take a break when they should have, it may be evidence that the driver was drowsy when they collided with another vehicle.


Witness testimonies are sometimes crucial in proving a case. If two or more witnesses saw the same thing about a truck driver or the vehicle itself in the moments leading up to the incident, this might be proof that something went wrong with either the trucker or the truck.


The use of video evidence is crucial. Inside the truck’s driver bay, cameras can reveal if the driver was tired at the time of the accident or had consumed drugs or alcohol while driving. In either case, the driver and their company would be held vicariously accountable for their workers’ carelessness under the legal concept of “respondeat superior,” which makes an employer vicariously liable for their employee’s negligence.

Finally, it would be best if you did more than gather all of this proof to safeguard your rights. These trucking corporations frequently have experienced defense teams. Get yourself a good injury lawyer. After a truck accident, you may be able to collect the following damages with the aid of the proper legal team: