What Are The Benefits Of Getting Paid Online?

Time-saving, fast payments, dematerialization and automatic archiving of invoices, improvement of the relationship between merchants and customers, analytical tools such as daily monitoring of short selling positions (VAD). The added value of a web solution like PayPal goes much further than a simple means of payment on the Internet.

Get Paid Online Quickly With A Web Solution

Internet payment services by E-Complish for example bring more transparency, flexibility, and speed to accounting and the company’s cash flow. From the first online purchase made, the seller is guaranteed to receive his payment in his bank account in less than 24 hours if the acquisition of the product takes place during a working day. This method of payment considerably shortens the average payment period for customers. It also avoids the manipulation of cash, with the risk of human error and fraud that ensues. This rapid collection guarantee also helps merchants to plan their accounting strategy better, knowing exactly when they will have the money corresponding to the sales in their bank account.

Online Payment Solutions Simplify Invoicing

Many merchants are tired of the problems linked to the processing of invoices, such as the insertion of the mandatory information set by law (VAT rate, amounts excluding and including tax, complete contact details of the seller and the customer), the lack of space in their premises for archiving and storing data for several years. When a customer buys a product on the Internet, an invoice is sent to him by email. This invoice bears a unique number that respects a chronological order. It is automatically saved and archived with the previous ones. The centralization of accounting documents allows the trader to search for an electronic invoice quickly, bring them all together in a safe place, and present them at any time in the event of control by the tax authorities.

Online Payment Methods Save Time

Saving time is, for many merchants, the first advantage highlighted when they talk about their experience with an online payment solution and ACH Returns. Indeed, the elimination of the receipt of money in person and the traditional bank transfer prevents them from systematically supervising each payment and reminding their customers that the deadline for payment of their invoice has passed. Save time, what for? To perform value-added tasks that will contribute to business growth:

  • launch an e-marketing campaign to attract potential customers;
  • publish targeted web offers
  • schedule the sending of a newsletter
  • write blog articles to improve the natural positioning of their store in search engines (SEO)
  • translate their content into other languages ​​to conquer international markets and foreign customers based
  • diversify their offer on the Internet
  • make more trips to meet their customers, suppliers, and banks while remaining connected with their business