Unlocking The Pathway To Citizenship In Chicago

Being an official and legal citizen of Chicago can be a reality! If you are looking to belong to this country, take note from SimVisa. This could be the beginning of your new life as an American. Before explaining what a “naturalization” procedure involves, it is necessary to understand that the term refers to a person who is declared an official citizen of another nation other than the one of his birth through a procedure that will allow him to enjoy the privileges that any citizen born in that nation has.

This means you can be an official citizen of Chicago if you want to, despite not being born there!

Am I A Candidate To Be A Naturalized Citizen?

To obtain naturalization, the first requirement is that the applicant has lived in the US for five years as a permanent resident (Green Card) and must also meet the following terms:

Likewise, you must reside in the same state or district for at least three months before applying for citizenship, according to the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services).

The US government’s Citizenship Resource Center website explains the steps and requirements to obtain United States citizenship with citizenship lawyer chicago, which is divided into stages: application, exam and interview, and naturalization.

The First Stage. Apply For Citizenship

  • To start, it is mandatory to fill out the N-400 form (you can find it on the USCIS website), which consists of 20 pages. This form comes in English and aims to obtain the information of the person who wants the nationality.
  • Upon completion, sign it, or else your application could be rejected. If your application is accepted, USCIS will inform you through a message or by email.
  • The response time on cases depends on various factors. The citizenship office attends to them in the order they are received, but it also takes time, depending on the type of case they deal with.

Second Stage. Interview And Naturalization Test

Now, you must pass the exam you will be given at the interview, which covers civics and English. You are given a guide with 100 questions on US history and civics.

Eye! The civic test is oral and will be given by an official from the citizenship office, randomly choosing only 10 of the 100 questions you studied. You can fail on four, but the other six must be correct.

Naturalization test answers may change depending on current election or appointment information. It would help if you gave the official name of the official in the position at the time of your interview.

Likewise, a language exam will be carried out almost simultaneously, which involves three stages: the oral, reading, and written exam.

  • The first will be based on the N-400 form.
  • In the second, they will be asked to enunciate two sentences in English to demonstrate their ability.
  • In the third, you will be asked to write three sentences in English.

Third Stage. I Am Already A US Citizen! Can I Bring My Family Now?

If you are approved to be a US citizen, you can start the process to request that your relatives can also be permanent residents.