Understanding the Cost of Asbestos Removal

Between 1940 and 1990, asbestos was used to refer to a set of naturally occurring minerals commonly used in the construction sector. Asbestos was formerly lauded as a low-cost and durable material that gave people the most product for their money. In the Australian construction sector, it was used for everything from roofing to insulation and just about everything else you could think of around the home.

Asbestos removal from your Sydney home is crucial for ensuring the health and safety of individuals who live or work on your residential or business property. Self-asbestos removal may appear to some to be a cost-effective solution for eliminating minimal amounts of asbestos from your home. Occasionally, though, it’s worth paying a little extra to have the peace of mind that an expert completed the task properly.

How Much Does Asbestos Removal Cost?

It is hard to provide an exact estimate for asbestos removal without first visiting the location. However, the average cost of asbestos removal in Australia during 2019 was between $30 and $150 per square meter.

Of course, there is a range of factors, such as your property’s location and the amount being removed, that will significantly impact your asbestos removal quotes in Perth. Additionally, six distinct asbestos forms can only be identified by laboratory testing and reporting.

A Look at the Factors Affecting the Cost of Removal

When it comes to asbestos removal costs, there is no single price list that covers everything. Numerous factors will affect the cost of asbestos removal.

The following are just a few that will affect the cost of asbestos removal from your property:

  • If the asbestos is in a non-friable or friable state
  • Whether the asbestos has been damaged or not
  • How hard it is to access for removal
  • How much is being removed
  • Whether load-bearing walls are involved
  • More

Avoid companies that provide a fixed price for asbestos removal without assessing your house first. A specialist will consider the variables listed above when estimating the cost of your project. Obtaining an accurate price before the beginning of the contract guarantees that there are no unpleasant surprises when the time comes to pay for the task.

The cost of asbestos removal will vary according to the kind and quantity of asbestos materials discovered in your house. A thorough investigation is essential to provide an accurate estimate of asbestos removal prices.