The Different Types Of Leases For Renting Offices

There are different types of leases for office rentals. It is important to note that, regardless of the type of lease chosen, the owner and the office tenant both have duties and obligations they must formally respect.

The Short-Term Lease

This type of lease is generally used for offices located in business centers. The short-term lease is for a maximum of 2 years, non-renewable. The advantage of the short-term lease is that the rental amount is fixed and will not be subject to revision during its duration. However, with this type of lease, the right to automatic renewal is inaccessible.


This lease is primarily intended for artisans and merchants, but people who exercise a liberal profession also have access to it. We speak of a commercial lease when there is a rental contract for commercial premises. The lease term is 9 years, and requesting termination at the end of each 3 years is possible. This lease has various advantages: the right of automatic renewal, the right to receive compensation, etc.

The Professional Lease

The professional lease for coworking space chicago for example is known to be much more flexible than the other two. About the commercial lease, the minimum rental period is 6 years, but if the duration of the contract envisaged is more than 12 years, a notary will have to draw up the contract. However, the right to renewal is not possible in this type of lease.

How To Choose The Right Office In 3 Questions

As a business, you should ask yourself several questions that will allow you to make the right choice before renting office space. Ask yourself if the office you rent will be visible because, depending on your activity, visibility can be a very important criterion.

Similarly, think about the destination of use of the office: is it to sell products or to install office furniture and store files? How many employees will be in the office? Etc. Also, define your budget for renting offices because the premises you find will vary according to your financial capacity. Don’t forget that it’s not just the rental that will weigh on your budget, but also the charges, taxes and duties, management fees, etc.

The area where the office such as in 622 N LaSallefor example will be located is also a very important criterion because it affects your credibility if you receive customers and your visibility. The area must be accessible by your employees and your customers, reliable and attractive to give a good image of your activity.