Some Fantastic Lego Sets That Make Excellent Presents

If you have lost a few pieces of your favourite Lego set and rather than use Lego, pick a brick to get replacement parts you want to get something new, there are plenty of choices available. Lego is something that children of all ages love, and many adults also, and there are lots of options available for fantastic sets. Below are some iconic Lego sets you may want to consider getting yourself to console yourself from losing parts from your favourite Lego set.

For Manchester United Fans

If you are a big fan of football and Manchester United, an ideal Lego set for you will be the Old Trafford set depicting the iconic football stadium in Manchester. The Lego set is a 1:600 replica of the stadium and contains 3898 pieces, so it will keep you busy for a while before you finish it. The finished stadium measures 18.5cm tall, 47cm long, and 15cm wide, and it is a product officially sanctioned for Lego by Manchester United.

A Replica Of The Titanic

Another iconic item that you can get in the form of a Lego set is the Titanic, a scaled version of this doomed Transatlantic vessel. It is a large model and measures 135cm long, 44cm high, and 16cm wide, and it opens in the middle so you can see inside the ship. The set contains 9000 pieces, so it will take a while to build this 1:200 scale model. If you are a history buff, this may be an excellent choice for you, and there are more historical Lego sets you can get also.

The Coliseum

Another Lego set that you can get that is an iconic landmark you can visit today is the Coliseum, a replica of the famous amphitheatre in Rome. It is one of the largest Lego models you can buy, and it has 9036 pieces and measures 27cm high, 52cm wide, and 59cm deep when finished. It is not suitable for children as this set is designed for adults, and it will take you hours to complete this excellent historical Lego design.

The World-Famous Camp Nou

Another famous football club stadium you can buy in the form of Lego is the Camp Nou, the home of Barcelona Football Club. When complete, the stadium measures 20cm high, 49cm wide, and 46cm deep, and the set contains 5509 pieces, so it will keep you busy for a while. When complete, the model splits into five sections, so you can take it apart and play with it and carry it to somewhere new to display it off proudly.