Recommended Ways to Choose Custom Boxes for Your Business

For most companies, custom printed mailboxes can mean the difference between having a professional image and a generic one. Stylish and sturdy corrugated mailboxes in either black or kraft cardboard. Most commonly used for mailing goods, promotional mailboxes, address boxes, and promotional gift boxes. Folding corrugated cartons boxes | corrugated | cardboard} Corrugated cardboard is made up of several thin layers. One of these layers is called the ‘corrugated acid’. This acid is the main component of the material. Underneath this layer, you’ll find many more plastic ‘sticks’ or ‘ridges’, which help it to be rigid. In other words, corrugated cardboard is made to be heavy-duty and long-lasting.

When you’re choosing custom printed boxes to send your clients or customers with, you want to ensure they receive a professional looking box. The first thing you should do is to get a digital proof of your designs. Most reputable printing companies will offer a digital proof of your design before they start printing. If you don’t see a digital proof, don’t print!

Next, choose your color(s). Your box may be printed in one of four primary colors – light brown kraft, dark chocolate, silver, or gold. Your printing company will be able to tell you what color your custom printed boxes will be based on the box design you choose – if you have one. Be sure to choose a color which compliments your box’s design, and is easy to read when they’re folded.

Finally, you need to choose your ink coverage. There are two types of ink coverage that you can choose for your custom printed boxes: full color, or semi-custom. Full color boxes will come with the most ink coverage and are most commonly used. Semi-custom ink coverage will give you more color options, but will be less expensive than full color ink coverage.

You should now have the basic information you need to choose your custom printed boxes. Printing your business brand boxes in color, using your own brand colors, and with high-quality ink coverage will help your box to last for years and showcase your brand image while still conveying your business message effectively. Make sure to communicate your brand colors, logo design, and messaging on all of your packaging to ensure that your recipients understand how your brand will impact them. When your box design is ready, it’s time to place your order.