Planning a Funeral – Properly

Funeral planning should be used by people who want to relieve their loved ones of worry and uncertainty of making funeral arrangements after they’ve gone. If you’ve ever experienced the agony of a family having to pay for a loved one’s funeral, you’ll understand why so many individuals make their own funeral arrangements. In fact, many people consider funeral preparation to be part of their estate planning.

Funeral or Memorial Service Planning

The style of ceremony you pick will impact how your friends and family say their goodbyes to you, the best funeral plans in Wakefield can assist you with some direction. You may host a formal event with a long list of speakers, a more informal gathering with simply your closest friends and family, or anything in between.

Memorial Service

The only difference between a memorial service and a funeral is that the body isn’t there. These ceremonies might be held in a funeral home, a church, a community centre, or a private residence and, tend to be more of a celebration.


A funeral is usually held at a church, a funeral home, or in the house of the deceased. The corpse of the deceased is generally present in an open or closed coffin so that those attending can say their goodbyes. Because the body is present at a funeral, the service must be completed quickly.

Depending on the laws, you can get permission for burial on private property, and you can hold your funeral there. When you’re planning your estate and want to pass on as much cash to your beneficiaries as possible, a home burial might be a good solution