List of ATV Trails in the USA to Make a Trip Fun and Frolic

All-terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are an off-road adventurer’s dream. There is no other place than the USA’s vast landmass to drive those vehicles. With a minimum of one or two great ATV trails in most states, you’ll be able to hop in your vehicle and experience the thrill, bumps, and also impressive scenery that goes along with making your experience epic. All you have to do is get your ATV shipped to the right city known for AV trails and enjoy your ride.

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We have compiled a list of ATV trails all across USA that are surrounded by national forests and state parks –

Brock Creek Trails, Ozark National Forest – Arkansas

There are 42 miles of winding paths on this ATV road, with 2 large loops and numerous small interlinked loops. It’s supposed to be a two-way multi-use path that hikers, mountain bikes, horseback riders, dirt bikes, and ATV riders use. With stream crossings, the routes pass through a beautiful lush hardwood forest. There are both easy and smooth routes and difficult rough trails.

Croom Trails, Withlacoochee State Forest – Brooksville, Florida

Croom Trails is considered one of the best ATV trails in the world. It consists of 55 miles of smooth, shaded routes that include dense scrub, hardwood hammocks, and a few wetlands. There are several paths available for both beginners and advanced riders. It also includes a 50-acre sand basin as well as numerous hills to ride. Cross-country driving and mountain biking are the most popular activities on the routes.

Hanging Rock, Wayne National Forest – Ohio

The Wayne National Forest’s Hanging Rock is a 5,000-acre site that has 24 miles of the path for diverse uses like, ATV riding, horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking. The Wayne National Forest is beautiful, with many ponds, rock shelters, hardwood and pine-covered slopes, springs, and bridges.

St. Joe State Park – Missouri

St. Joe State Park is a renowned location to ride ATVs or UTVs. It has 2,000 acres and 54 miles of tracks amid the slopes. The sand flats cover 800 acres and are constructed with crushed sedimentary rock. The path also allows dune buggies, four-wheeler vehicles, and dirt bikes. Riders can also experience gravel boulders, dirt, river crossings, mud, natural impediments, steep grades, inclines, and low-hanging foliage.

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park – Utah

ATV or UTV riders will enjoy one of the best riding places in the country. The area is 1,200 acres of stunning dunes made out of the Navajo sandstone rock formation, sand paths and juniper, and pinion pine trees. There are steep dunes for experienced riders, as well as for beginners. The Park is located just southeast of Zion National Park and offers amazing views of Zion.

These ATV trails will make your trip a memorable and fun-filled experience. However, remember all states have their rules and regulations, so keep all your documents updated.