How To Prepare Your Parcels For Online Sales?

As a business or webshop, you want every package to reach your customer in perfect condition. It is therefore important (1) to invest in good packaging and (2) to prepare your parcels correctly. Find out how in our guide.

Protect the product with bubble wrap

Take care to protect the items from being delivered from scratches and breakage. If you want to ship porcelain or glass decorations, it is important to protect them with bubble wrap. Discover the types of bubble wrap available on the market:

Classic bubble wrap protects all types of objects of all sizes and volumes.

Kraft bubble wrap is intended to preserve objects sensitive to light, thanks to its opacity.

Foam bubble wrap is particularly suitable for artistic paintings and marquetry creations. This bubble wrap prevents scratches on delicate surfaces, namely that its price is higher than other types of bubble wrap on the market.

Antistatic bubble wrap: it keeps objects very stable in the box. Even in the event of an impact, they are not likely to deteriorate. This type of bubble wrap is ideal for electronic equipment.

For decorative objects and porcelain kitchen utensils, bubble wrap is not necessarily mandatory. On the other hand, it will be necessary to provide newspapers to protect them. Add a piece of paper between two plates or other fragile objects. Then use tape to immobilize the items. You can then store them directly in a box.

Closing The Packaging

The package should not be easy to open to protect its contents well. If necessary, the deliverer does not have to waste time regluing the packaging during the journey. Ensure the package can only be opened once the delivery has been made.

During the rainy season, it is recommended to protect the boxes or envelopes with waterproof plastic. This way, the package will remain intact if it is deposited on the ground or on a damp surface. Suppose the box contains fragile items, mention “fragile” with a red marker. You can also indicate the “top” and “bottom” so that the handler respects the orientation of the package.

During the launch period of your online business, do not hesitate to add promotional goodies in the packaging to impress your buyers. You can also add communication media in the packaging of the ordered product to make yourself better known: business cards, greeting cards, welcome gifts, flyers, etc. Also, order personalized stickers to write the customer’s name and address. A little word of thanks would be nice: “thank you for your trust,” “thank you and see you soon,” etc.

Preparing the package can take time with packaging Tape, especially for fragile items. Chain work is, therefore, more effective, especially if your platform records a large number of sales in 24 hours. You must take into account the duration of the packaging of the products before setting the average delivery time to customers.

Send The Package

Once the packaging with Brandt Box & Paper Co for example is well sealed, it’s time to move on to delivery. If you are starting, it is best to use the services of an experienced courier or a professional delivery company. This is, for example, the case of the post office. Here is a little advice to get you started, estimate your daily sales. This will make it easier for you to determine the number of delivery people you need. After a written contract mentioning all the conditions related to the service, you can publish the delivery times on your sales platform. If you have a very diversified e-commerce site, organize the delivery by category of goods. Concretely, hire a specific transport for the delivery of perishable products, another for high-tech equipment and household appliances, and so on.