How To Choose The Best Tent For Camping

Characteristics that tent such as in need to have for you to make a good choice:

Tents with aluminum frames – they are lighter to carry and have greater durability;

Tent with front advance – to leave your shoes outside or other items you want;

Nylon over the roof – facilitates ventilation and protects the tent from the sun, rain, and wind;

Tent for 4 seasons – it is ideal if you intend to camp with temperatures of 0ºC, preferably in the Igloo format.

3-Season Tent – ​​Made to withstand autumn, spring, and summer climates.

Impermeability – a good tent needs to have minimum support of 1,500mm of the water column;

Well-reinforced seams are necessary – sealed;

Size – my tip is to be comfortable, so it’s good to buy a tent with more people. For example: if it’s just a couple but 3 people, there will be space to put the backpacks;

Floor – ideal for not entering the water from below is that it is made of laminated Polyethylene, Nylon, or Polyester;

Cost x benefit – investing in a good tent is to have the benefit of durability and avoid suffering such as (waking up wet, getting cold, or being small).

What To Bring To Eat On A Camping Trip


Carrying fruit is the cheapest and easiest option to condition. Examples of fruits that withstand warmer temperatures: are bananas, apples, watermelon, plums, and whatever else you like to eat. The idea is to leave them washed and ready to eat (in the case of apples, for example).

Cookies And Cereal Bars

Bringing savory and sweet cookies is the option that fits your backpack for hiking and can satisfy your hunger anytime. Cereal bars are easy to carry for a walk, as well as being a source of energy. It’s always good to have bars at a campsite.

Instant Coffee

It’s a good option to do first thing in the morning and leave your camp smelling like coffee. To make coffee, it would be good to have a kettle that can heat water on the fire or a “hot tail” if you have an outlet on site.


Bring water if you’re not sure if there’s a faucet in the place you’re going to camp. It will also be good to use it at night, leave it inside the tent, so you don’t have to go outside at night.

Powdered Milk

Like coffee, it is a good option and will not be in danger of spoiling. You can make coffee with milk, just milk, or milk with mermaids.


On your first day of camping with tent such as wind resistant canopy, you can bring ready-to-eat sandwiches: a late afternoon meal or even your dinner. Put them inside a cooler with ice, and you won’t have a problem spoiling them.

Canned And Instant Products

In addition to being cheap, they are easy to consume and prepare. You can take instant pasta, canned beans, rice, sausage, meatballs, and whatever you prefer. This is our favorite meal! Besides being delicious!


Making mincemeat with bread is the face of camping and is delicious. You can take all the meat ready, minced, and seasoned from your house. To condition, the best thing is to bring it frozen and put it in a Styrofoam box; it will keep the temperature for about 5 hours.


Finally, don’t forget to bring pans, plates or pots, cutlery, and a kettle. Remember that everything will be done in the fire, so take a pan that can burn the bottom or buy special pans for camping. Buy a very nice kit with forks, a pot with a lid serving as dishes, and a pan where we can heat water and cook our food.