How to Build a Following for Your Company’s LinkedIn 

Nowadays, companies can use all the social media followings they can get. Having a following on social media gives your company a platform for getting its message out there, engaging with customers, and increasing brand loyalty.

One of the most powerful platforms for social media marketing is LinkedIn. Here are some tips on how to get people interested enough in your company’s page to build a following on LinkedIn.

Create Content That Resonates With Your Target Audience 

The first step in any successful social media campaign is to make sure that you’re putting out content that resonates with your target audience. Think about what kind of content would be most interesting for them, like content that speaks directly to their interests. 

For example, say your target audience is seniors in assisted living facilities. Constantly posting about Tik Tok dance steps, sports gear or the newest tech gadgets won’t do much to engage them. But if you create content about topics like nutrition and wellness tips or strategies for keeping the mind sharp with age, then they are more likely to stay tuned in.

To figure out what kind of content resonates with your audience, look at the comments and engagement on your posts. What topics seem to get high levels of interest from followers?

Share Valuable Content Regularly 

Once you’ve figured out the kind of content best suited to your target audience, you want to make sure you’re sharing it regularly. Having a consistent presence on social media is key to building your following and keeping them engaged so generally you should be posting at least once a day.

If possible, create a content calendar. For example, you could set specific days for different topics, such as “Wellness Wisdom Wednesdays” or “Tech Tutorial Tuesdays”.

Leverage Your Employees’ Connections 

Your employees can be a great source of new followers for your page. Ask them to share interesting content from your page with their connections on LinkedIn, and encourage them to engage with posts that are already up. This will spread the word about your company and get more people interested in following you.

Keep in mind that your employees are not obligated to do this, so be sure to ask politely, thank them for their help and provide incentives when possible.

Take Advantage Of LinkedIn Ads 

If you can afford it, a really effective way to grow your following is to invest in LinkedIn ads. These are tailored specifically for the platform, and you can target potential followers based on their interests and location.

By investing in ads, you can quickly get your page in front of more people and draw them in with content that speaks directly to them. This way, you’ll see more followers in a shorter amount of time.

Building a following on LinkedIn takes time and effort, but with the right approach, it can be an effective way to reach new customers and build your company’s presence online.