Houston car accident attorney: Do you need one?

Immediately after a car crash in Houston, you should seek legal representation. Texas roads are barely safe. In 2019, the state reported the highest number of fatal auto accidents in the country. Because of the terrain, accidents are common, and some of these crashes can leave a trail of destruction behind. Working with a Houston car accident attorney does have many benefits, and in this post, let’s discuss the circumstances when getting legal advice can help. 

Immediately after a fender bender

If the accident was a minor blip, you can file a claim with your insurer and expect to get compensation for your losses. Even in such circumstances, you should consider reporting the accident. Texas laws require drivers involved in the crash to report the same immediately to the local sheriff’s office or local law enforcement. 

When you have sustained serious losses

If you have suffered serious losses after an accident, you definitely need to consult an attorney. The compensation in such cases should ideally cover all your medical bills, income losses, and other damages. For example, if you end up with an injury that can impact your ability to earn, the settlement could be a lot higher. An accident attorney can negotiate better for a settlement, and since these lawyers get a contingency fee, they will always aim higher. 

When you are also at fault

The comparative negligence rule in Texas allows a driver to recover compensation after an auto crash from the other driver, as long as their share of fault is no more than the latter. However, in the real world, insurance companies are shrewd and have their ways for delaying and denying claims. You need to get an attorney because you don’t want to deal with everything on your own. Negotiating with the insurance representative can be complicated because of fault share. 

The time is limited

The evidence after a car crash will disappear soon if you don’t act immediately. Witnesses might not remember what happened, and it can be hard to establish fault and liability. Since you are the one bringing the claim, you are in charge of providing evidence. At a time when you are dealing with financial distress and substantial injuries, hiring an accident attorney is the best way to protect your rights. 

If you have lost a loved one in the accident, you have to be even more cautious and file a wrongful death lawsuit within the deadline as per the statute of limitations.