Highlighting The Importance of Commercial Cleaning

For any business owner, cleanliness is no laughing matter; for varied significant reasons, having well-established cleaning processes and maintaining a high hygiene standard is imperative. Whether your business operates from a factory, a shop, or an office, giving your cleaning staff the correct tools to do the job effectively and in a timely manner is one you should regard as a key driver for your company. The difficult challenges faced by cleaners carrying out their daily tasks mean that you enable them to succeed and your business to flourish by providing them with high-quality cleaning products.

The Different Challenges Facing Cleaners

Whether maintaining hygiene in a food processing facility such as a bakery or keeping the floors of a shopping centre clean, it is a false economy to make do with the cheaper cleaning products on the market today. By choosing high-quality, high-strength, purpose-made industrial floor cleaners and degreasers, you have versatile products suitable to tackle every eventuality. It is essential to remember that everyday cleaners face ingrained dirt, difficult stains and spillages on floors, machinery and other areas and equipment; it is crucial that they are continually maintained to a high standard. In heavy industry situations, oils and greases will factor into the problems faced by the cleaning crews, so they have to have the weapons available to tackle these testing substances.

What You Are Looking For

The correct industrial cleaners and degreasers you should choose all have great qualities, whether your cleaning staff uses floor scrubbers or pressure washers or does the job manually. An excellent commercial cleaner should –

  • Have multiple applications for different situations.
  • Water-based, non-flammable and eco-friendly (biodegradable).
  • Fast-acting, quickly breaking down even difficult stains.
  • Have a concentrated and dilutable low foaming formula.
  • Suitable for both machine and manual cleaning.

By looking for these qualities when selecting the cleaners you purchase, you will go a long way to enabling your staff to function effectively and maintain the high hygiene standards that are a basic requirement for any successful business.

If Floors Are Your Priority

If you are the manager of a machine shop, catering facility or printing works and the cleaning of the floors is a high priority, then look no further than ATP Commercial Cleaning’s Aximax industrial floor cleaner. This hard floor liquid has a fast-acting formula with a balanced foam level, and it is extremely versatile and suitable for industrial freezers or factory floors alike. Its special formula cleans and disinfects in the same motion and is perfect for all automatic cleaning machines delivering a superb hygienic clean every time. In use in as varied situations as cleansing warehouse floors to degreasing factory floors, this quality product is something every cleaning team should have available. A dilution rate of 20 parts cleaner to 100 parts water offers great value whether it’s being used with a mop or machine.

Give your cleaning team the tools to do a proper job the first time, every time; great hygiene is essential to any well-run company; make that decision today!