Essential Steps To Open Gas Dealership

From an entrepreneurship point of view, opening LPG gas resale is one of the fastest and safest return investments. In addition, it has several differentials, such as simple operation and uncomplicated management. But the question of how to set up a gas reseller is the first that goes through any entrepreneur’s mind before deciding on the business.

Opening and starting operations are usually relatively easy, but we have prepared these steps to open a gas dealership to make it easier for you to understand. Check it out now and learn here How to Invest in Environmental Products.

Contact A Distributor

Seeking more detailed information and guidance is always a good first step. At e360 power, llc, anyone interested in opening a gas dealer can always count on the support of specialized consultants. This facilitates and speeds up the following steps.

Find Suitable Terrain

It can be owned or rented and needs to be flat. The minimum footage to open a gas resale must be 30 m². There are some basic restrictions on location. It cannot, for example, be next to churches, schools, or any property that usually gathers many people. This and other more detailed information is passed on by the consultant, who can visit the field to assess it in advance. It is also necessary to consult with the city hall to ensure that the city’s zoning law allows a gas resale in that neighborhood.

Inspection of the Fire Department

A permit from the Fire Department is the first documentation required. For this, it is necessary to request an inspection. After approval, the document requests other records from the city hall.

Make Adjustments On The Ground

The structure needed for a gas dealer to operate is quite simple. A storage area and an office are needed. In the case of an Ultragaz dealer, a consultant will provide all the guidance on technical specifications, such as size and safety distances between each area, the height of the wall, and the type of gate.

Facilities, Personnel, And Equipment

Equipment such as telephone lines, computers, and management systems provided by the distributor must be ready at this stage. They are needed to start training the people who will operate the dealership. It is also important to already have a distribution structure. It can range from a motorcycle adapted to transport the product to a light cargo vehicle.

Acquire The Containers

The dynamics of LPG gas resale are similar to the purchase by the final consumer. For each full cylinder purchased, an empty one must be delivered. Therefore, to start the operation and place the first order with the distributor, the reseller must have a minimum number of empty containers.

First order

With everything ready, it’s time to place the first order and start the operation. From then on, it’s following the guidelines of the distributor’s consultants, perfecting service, dissemination, and efficient management!