Characteristics of Successful Electronic Direct Mail

Electronic direct mail (EDM) includes strategic and continuous database building and refining. It is meant to send personalised communications tailored to the various segments of a contact database. While it is mainly email marketing Singapore, it also uses other marketing platforms for message communication and reinforcement including social media, PPC, SMS, and others. Read on to know what a successful EDM looks like:


EDM needs to be created with a particular demographic in mind. This means efficiently segmenting a subscriber database to create offers that align with the targeted participants’ needs.

Mobile Responsive

EDM should be optimised for mobile to reach out to a large number of mobile users. Thus, the content must render beautifully across devices.

Clean and Professional

Aside from having concise and focused content, EDM must be organised and pleasing to the eye. An EDM that looks sleek can deliver an authoritative kind of branding to the audience. This can be achieved by having EDM taking care of by a qualified graphic designer. The designer knows how to use colours and negative space, along with other important principles that will help a company capture the attention of their target audience. Also, the designer will make the EDM fast-loading, ensuring a better user experience.