Can Imbalance Cargo Cause Truck Accidents?

Accidents are common and can happen in different forms due to negligence by the other party. There is no exception to truck accidents like failure to yield, not following the traffic rules, and even overspeeding can result in dangerous accidents. 

Unlike car accidents, the impact of a truck accident is massive since the truck’s weight and size are huge and can instantly destroy two small cars if the truck accidentally falls on them. Therefore, it is essential to lay low and maintain the speed limit when driving across big vehicles, especially trucks and buses. 

Since the losses incurred from a truck accident can be huge, it will result in high medical bills and repairing charges for the damages caused. The victim does not have to spend from their pocket. Instead, they can reach out to an Ontario truck accident attorney to get them an insurance claim from the negligent party as compensation. 

Common negligence in truck accident cases:

  • Inexperienced truck driver

Driving a truck is not the same as driving a car or a jeep. Even jeeps are different. A person must be well-trained and experienced in driving a specific vehicle, especially if they are responsible for carrying certain things like passengers in a taxi or cargo in a truck. Trucks are usually designed with different systems but mostly have the mechanism of a car, yet the driver must have good experience in driving a truck with a cargo load weighing double the truck. If not, the driver might lose control of the truck at some point, causing an unintentional accident.

  • Failing to balance

Usually, truck drivers or any driver who is carrying cargo load or goods via roadways should ensure that there is a proper balance of the cargo on all sides and it does not accidentally fall off from the vehicle where it is being carried, especially in trucks since the load can be heavy. Only experienced truck drivers will know how to balance heavy loads on their trucks in general. If there is no balance in the cargo, it might fall on a vehicle while driving at a certain speed.

  • Improper cargo coverage

Truck drivers who carry loads must check that all the locks and buckles are properly latched, and the cargo cannot drain out or leak from the truck. It also includes liquid goods. No cargo should be let out of a truck accident. If it does, the truck driver will be held accountable since the leakage of goods can stop or fall on the vehicles that drive behind the truck resulting in an accident that could have been avoided if the truck was latched correctly.

Truck accidents can result in severe damages. Therefore, a truck driver must ensure to check if the cargo is well-arranged and balanced. Truck drivers must also follow the traffic rules diligently and should not overtake at any point since the cargo might fall off on another vehicle.