All you need to know about whale watching when visiting Sydney

Sydney is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with visitors flocking from far and wide to see such splendours like the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Others may fancy the outstanding, vibrant nightlife, the beautiful beaches, or a day at the cricket, but for nature lovers, a must do attraction is whale watching.

Humpback Whales pass the coast of the capital of New South Wales from mid-May to July as they travel north and then August through to mid-November on their return. However, the prime period for whale watching in Sydney is in the middle weeks of July when the greatest number passes on their migration from Antarctica.

A wide range of behaviours is often seen, as the large groups swim in clusters. Sometimes other species such as Southern Right, Brydes, Sei, Minke, and Blue Whales are also in evidence. To experience seeing these amazing mammals at close quarters, it is best to head out with a team of experts on a boat from the city.

There are regulations in force so that your boat is required to remain 100 meters from the whales. Fortunately, whales cannot read or understand the rules so sometimes they get so close to a boat that it must halt, which is called a mugging.

Alternatively. You may be unlucky and not see any whales on your trip, as wild animals also don’t have itineraries to keep. A sighting means that you will approach a whale and see it three times as it heads to the surface every 5-20 minutes when they come up for breath.

But don’t be dismayed if you are unlucky. If you book through a reputable tour company and they will offer you a free trip and a second chance to compensate. The same applies if adverse weather conditions mean your voyage is postponed.

Of course, the weather can play a part in your journey, so it is best to be prepared with appropriate clothing, and plan for the sudden changes. It can get cold at sea, so warm clothing and a rainproof jacket along the sun hat and glasses are among the recommendations. In short, be prepared for everything!

Whale watching is an amazingly exhilarating experience and one that you will never forget. When you visit Sydney check out the many options and see the beautiful large aquatic mammals at first hand and be the envy of your friends.