4 traps of hidden trips that the world needs to be known

Even if you have done a lot of traveling in the past, you are still vulnerable to mistakes while traveling, even if you don’t realize that you make it. Some travelers have fallen into traps, difficulties that are not easily recognizable – traps. Unfortunately, when you have fallen into the trap of the trip, it is often a challenge to get out of it. Just before you ride the plane, avoid these four public trap so you take advantage of your trip, along with some smart planning ideas.

Travel trap 1: go beyond your budget

The budget is very important when traveling. It is always a good idea to plan how much you spend versus the number of days you will live in a country. You must be able to allocate a budget per day and stick with it. Of course there will always be costs that have never happened before. Smart tourists usually get travel insurance during the duration of their trip to cover unexpected costs incurred while traveling like loss luggage, medical costs, etc.

Before leaving, it is important to make sure you know how much money you have and what you can spend. As much as possible, you must always pay cash when you travel, because there may be a place that only receives cash. You must be able to save cash on reservations on an international account that can be accessed such as savings accounts only in an emergency. There are also several travel applications available that will help you track your expenses.

JEBAL JAVE 2: Pain while traveling

The most common travel disease is diarrhea. Eating contaminated foods and water contributes to diarrhea. You must always remember that when you are in a strange place, stick to a purified bottle or water and the food has just been prepared. If you are not sure how food is prepared, don’t swallow it. However, travelers can also be sick with respiratory and influenza infections. Standing at the airport or sitting on a plane can make you infected this common disease. When you get sick while traveling, it might be expensive. In some countries, medical care experts in most facilities spend a lot of money. One thing you can do is choose travel insurance that includes medical expenses while traveling.

Travel trap 3: Do not follow security attention

There is always a security risk while traveling. In fact, even our own government gives travel alerts every time we go to certain countries. Even though we can’t avoid accidents and accidents in the round, security is a priority, especially when we travel with our family.

When you travel, you must be more aware of your environment, especially if you are a tourist in a remote area. There are several ways to stay safe while traveling like keeping passports, travel documents, cash, and credit cards in a safe place, and spread it in various bags on guard. You also have to attract too much attention to yourself and avoid wearing tourist clothes. Even though this is impossible in many Asian countries, just trying to blend as much as possible. When traveling, women must always be with groups and do not walk on the streets that are dark alone. Even though it’s really acceptable to enjoy and drink one or two drinks at a bar, track your alcohol consumption. You shouldn’t be too drunk so you can’t find your way to your hotel.

Travel trap 4: Do not anticipate your cellular situation

One of the most unexpected expenses was waiting for us when we returned from our trip was a very expensive cellphone bill. This is because of roaming costs when we use our telephone abroad. To avoid this, you must research before and see if you can buy a cheap local prepaid SIM card to get very affordable data and minutes. You can always make VoIP calls or send text messages via Facebook Messenger or Skype. There are also other ways to communicate through the internet like vib