10 questions to ask to ensure you are in the hands of professional funeral directors

The death of a loved one is a terrible experience with the trauma often taking several months or even years to get over. Following the immediate sense of shock, several other emotions are likely to engulf a mourner.

When the sad time comes it is important to ensure that the departed has a proper send off. Some have already left wishes, while others do not get the opportunity. Speaking to empathetic professionals who offer help and advice on funeral services in Sydney will make the process a great deal easier. There are several questions to ask that can all be dealt with by the experts.

  1. What exactly is included in the cost? You do not want to be hit with unexpected surprises after the event.
  2. How does the transportation of the bodywork from the place of death and where will they be kept by the service as you want them to be inappropriate tasteful surroundings.
  3. Can mourners visit the deceased and what hours are available in the funeral home.
  4. Are payment plans available to ease the immediate burden?
  5. Is it possible to personalize the service with the cortège taking a special route past a place the deceased loved. Who will arrange the music at the service, and can charitable donations be arranged?
  6. Will the paperwork all be dealt with or is that done elsewhere?
  7. If unsure, is it possible to choose between the internment and cremation and can someone explain the differences and offer advice?
  8. Can someone visit the family home and discuss all the relevant details so that nothing is forgotten, and will one person oversee the process all the way through?
  9. Is there a wide selection of coffins and urns to choose from and if the body is cremated what will happen to the ashes?
  10. Can you select your own time and day for the service so that as many people as possible can attend. Is it possible for it to be streamed live so that those unable to make, it can still watch the funeral from afar?

While losing a loved one is a terrible ordeal the process can be eased when you talk to a professional team of funeral directors with years of experience. Stress will be reduced and those grieving will at least know that they offered the best possible dignified send off to say goodbye.