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Interstice: the space or time intervening...
a space, especially a small or narrow one, between things or parts
Latin: inter (between) and sistre (to stand): to stand between

Interstitial art: any work of art whose basic nature falls between, rather than within, the familiar boundaries of accepted genres or media.

We feel that the evolution of art and cinema depends on interstitial works, pieces operating in between and outside of archaic genres, categories and formulas.

We want to move towards a world without limitations brought on by the need to sell a product to a consumer in a conveniently tidy package.  

We must rescue the brain’s pathways from years of conditioning, pathways stuck operating on a loop that tells us how we are going to respond to work of a certain ‘type’ or familiar style. 

Let us obliterate borders once and for all in order make way for a sparkling and dizzying new world where anything is possible and human creativity can finally reach its staggering potential.

Arturo: It had become apparent to us that all the projects Sarah and I work on and plan are outside any clearly defined genres, and to pursue this work, the lifestyle we have unconsciously and consciously adopted itself is very much in-between social norms.

This clip was shot the morning after an amazing day full of epiphanies about interstitiality - the illusiveness of defining that which is in constant transition (once it is defined, it is no longer purely itself), the head space needed to create interstitial work, the personal resolve we both have to explore it fully, and tons of ideas for new methods and artistic/cinematic forms.

Sarah: This 'interstitial' concept comes to me very naturally (I have been described by close friends as an anomaly), and I find it to be very exciting and important.  And yes - the day before this shoot was incredible! I hadn't felt so inspired since the first pre-pro meeting that we had for B-17. It was like a month's worth of work was getting accomplished in a day .We had been planning shooting a video manifesto to announce the festival, and that morning, in the space and time between the waking and dreaming worlds,  I was flooded with ideas about how it should be communicated. One of these ideas was that in the middle of the video, I would be presented in this in-between state as an interstitial messenger, bringing the audience a pure and valuable message about the true essence of the concept. That was when we thought that it would be accomplished in one video.

Arturo: Sarah spends a lot of her time in reverie – the state between being asleep and awake, and is very comfortable in this state. As the surrealists were concerned with dreams and the subconscious, what of the “inarticulate conscious” – that which we have no words or images for but of which we are aware. We are interested in this transitional space between dreams and reality.

I wanted to document Sarah’s state of reverie and this video is of her just rousing from deep sleep. This attempt at first seemed to have failed, but in retrospect, we are not so sure of its lack of success.

Sarah: It was completely successful! It is a portrait of the beginnings of a process, which is just as much an artwork as any finished product (and certainly more important for our intended purposes).

Arturo: We are in the process of creating a kind of manifesto or perhaps more accurately a non-manifesto, attempting to define a space that can not be fully defined, but perhaps at best, may be rumored to exist. This is the beginning of that journey and the subsequent clips we will upload are an intrinsic part of this non-manifesto.

Sarah: An ANTI-manifesto! And yes, it is a "manifesto in progress" and ALWAYS will be. I am very excited about this format. And just listen to all those "I guesses"! (manifesto .003)

Arturo: The interstitial festival is an effort to give a moment in space and time to the transitory.

Sarah: Join the movement in-between! It may or may not be refreshing, surprising, uncomfortable, confusing and FUN! ~ (312) 218 - 0319 
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